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contemporary art

Iris van Herpen

Widely heralded as one of fashion’s most forward-thinking designers, Iris van Herpen discovered fashion for the first time in her grandmother’s attic, where she unearthed a mini-museum of garments and costumes that opened her eyes to another decade. Trained in classical ballet and throughout her career, the designer has been fascinated by fluidity and the entangled art of movement. The mercurial dance in which the body and mind intersect have perpetually propelled Van Herpen’s sensorial design philosophy and paved the way for more conscious forms of fashion.

Contemplating movement as a metamorphic force enables these ethereal garments to extend from the human body, sculpting their forms into multi-dimensional silhouettes. Movement adds another layer to Van Herpen’s craft. Her vision is guided by the human anatomy and the way the woman moves, making these other-worldly looking garments adored by clientele worldwide.