Beyond Exhibitions is the trade name of the collaboration between The China Connector and AB Global Link. Our profile is not based on who we are individually, but who we are together. That is what makes us unique. We are surprising and innovative; we create the nonobvious.

During the pandemic we have learned and discovered many new ways of interacting. The world has shown to be able to change at a speed and in ways that no one had ever expected to be possible. We will use this in a positive way to contribute to a happier world.

We have a shared responsibility to preserve the earth, its inhabitants and what they jointly own. The value of meeting each other and seeing things of beauty is priceless. Yet, we also know that possibilities and resources are limited. What you believe is not necessarily what you see. What you see might also be what you believe. Beyond Exhibitions will join forces with and between those who want to take part to make the most out of that.

The team members of Beyond Exhibitions have a strong background and past performance in art, exhibitions, commerce, and project development globally and we have a strong performance in China (incl. Hong Kong and Taiwan), Japan and Korea. Even more importantly, we know how to manage the challenging combination of all these aspects. The team of Beyond Exhibitions is there to advice, assist and / or carry out your projects.

Beyond Exhibitions’ executives are Mrs. Jessy van de Klundert, Mrs. Monique Knapen and Mr. Adriaan Dönszelmann.



jessy van de klundert


Jessy van de Klundert studied Business Administration & Logistics and Art History in Amsterdam. After holding various positions in the Dutch museum world (Rijksmuseum & Van Gogh Museum), she set up the international consultancy activity ‘Van Gogh Museum Professional Services’ and ‘The China Connector’. Why? In a changing world it is increasingly important to have cultural exchange. Jessy finds it important to contribute in an economically but also respectful way in relation to cultural differences. In addition to her affinity with the business side of the art and culture world, she is always interested in new (tech) developments, business models and partnerships that make the somewhat preserved sector exciting, more open to a wider public and ready for tomorrow. Her dream? Connecting the Asian and Western art world in a rock solid way.


Adriaan Donszelmann


Adriaan Dönszelmann studied Town and Landscape Planning in Amsterdam. After his studies he worked over a decade in a business environment. Moving into the cultural world was a fundamental career change, when he started working as business leader at the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam (today Jewish Museum / Jewish Cultural Quarter). Subsequently he made a transfer to the Van Gogh Museum, where he worked as Managing Director for nearly ten years. Today, Adriaan is owner of AB Global Link, a company offering management, advisory and strategy services with a focus on cultural institutions. With AB Global Link, Adriaan is proud partner of Beyond Exhibitions.


monique knapen


Monique Knapen studied Social History at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, including a minor in Sinology at Leiden University and a year at the University of Beijing. She lived and worked in China for 6 years (1990-1996). Monique is an expert in international cultural relations, especially in the arts and culture sector between the Netherlands and China. From 2011 until 2017 she worked as Program Director China at DutchCulture, a position that gave her an unique position to work on cultural exchange between these countries on a National level. Now, with the China Connector and Beyond Exhibitions Monique’s drive is to work on meaningful and sustainable projects related to visual arts or design. Monique is extremely motivated to close cultural differences by finding creative solutions that make all parties involved proud and satisfied. It is Monique’s challenge to take all project requests serious that can help to create better understanding for each other in this divided world.



Interested in our exhibitions or willing to explore a collaboration? Please drop us a line and we contact you as soon as we can.