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contemporary art

Pop Art: artists & artworks

In the 50s and 60s, pop art arose from a hunger for images built up over time. But also the idea that a work of art is not just a flat surface full of color, but an image that wants to be recognized. The development starts with artists like Andy Warhol and ends with Jeff Koons. Other key figures include Johns, Rauschenberg, Wesselman, Lichtenstein, Gilbert & George, Arman, Chamberlin, Pistoletto, Anselmo and many others. They worked with contemporary expressions of comic strips, cinema, commercial design, nudes, cheap sets and other devices. All symbols of modern consumer culture. This new art form reached its full development and height in America. It can be seen as an expression of the cheerful and free spirit of the 1960s, which began with the election of John F. Kennedy and ended with the Vietnam War.