Seyhan Lee

Seyhan Lee was founded in 2020 by Pinar Seyhan Demirdag and Gary Lee Koepke. Their Boston-based firm launched with a vision to change how brands communicate a new reality using A.I. (machine learning) technology. Seyhan Lee will guide you into these new realities with narratives, cutting-edge technology, and immersive experiences. They have entered the 4th industrial revolution. It is unique in its looks, feelings and concepts. More fluid, quantum, artistic, and focused on visualizing the dimension of the imagination. Seyhan Lee’s A.I. technology and their conscious narratives sit in the center of this new nexus. Seyhan Lee co-creates with their partners on how they can prosper in these emerging realities.


This is neither VFX, nor live action. It is neither 3D, nor animation. A.I. offers us an entirely new way of re-interpreting and re-creating the world around us. Dynamic, mysterious, and multidimensional.

A.I. INNOVATION LAB Seyhan Lee’s innovation lab is set up to expand and develop new capabilities in A.I. motion pictures and other storytelling technologies

AGENCY AND CREATIVE PRODUCTION COMPANY Production of films / TV Series and partnerships with other production companies, brands, film makers, musicians, and the entertainment industry to create never before seen visual content.